RAFT: Reinforce After Forming Technology

Reproduces Products by Robotics. Sustainable Manufacturing for People, Planet and Profit.

Proof of Concept Video


Presentation held on the 24th April 2013


Executive Summary

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  • Once in several decades a new manufacturing process will revolutionize an
    industry. Raft is that technology.
  • RAFT is Disruptive Technology
  • RAFT is the result of 10 years research by Celtec’s team of engineering partners

What is RAFT?

RAFT is a process capable of making 3D wood products both more cost-effectively
and to a standard beyond that of conventional technology creating breath-taking
opportunities for quality and design.

How does it compare?

RAFT reduces the cost of manufacture by 40% to 75% in a fraction of the time,
using a fraction of both the carbon and manufacturing footprints and is more
environmentally sustainable compared to any other technology worldwide.

RAFT reduces wood waste by 98%

RAFT is suited to extreme mass production


RAFT has commercial applications to a wide range of products in the furniture
industry. Major potential exists in the kitchen and bedroom cabinet door markets
and in architecture, framing, interior design, mouldings and panelling.

RAFT is to be applied to the volume manufacture of Door units, a global market
worth £170B pa.


Management are seeking an early exit as recommended by Don Kirsch President of
the Wall Street Group NY, which is considered sound advice. In his opinion,
RAFT is a Disruptive Technology and the way to market for such technologies’
is like this:-

1. Make the RAFT working demonstrator
2. Make and sell frames
3. Do this for 6 months – not two years
4. Show In, Out and get a few re-orders.
5. Then tell Big Players

In Don’s Kirsch’s opinion, whether we make doors or frames – it doesn’t matter
– what matters to the Americans is “does the system work? ” He went on to say
– “Don’t worry about making the best machine or trying to conquer the world with
product sales. The big players have PhD’s to design machines and Marketing
People like you wouldn’t believe”. He said “They don’t want your advice but will
pay you good “Bugger off Money”. “If you don’t take their money they’ll break you legs”
“They are even a little ambivalent about patents – they don’t like to publish the
‘know how’ as is done in patent applications’ All they think about is a three year
lead in the market and staying there”.
You’ll find any number of companies that would pay $20M for the idea”.

Disruptive Technologies are particularly threatening to the leaders of an existing market, because they are competition coming from an unexpected direction. A disruptive technology can come to dominate an existing market by either filling a role in a new market that the older technology could not fill until finally displacing the market incumbents.