Drumskool Business Summary


The Mission

We will provide all primary schools with the best music service, engaging all children through a safe, dynamic and fun musical experience – delivering the highest standards. We will demonstrate an outgoing and positive attitude impacting positively on every single child helping to improve behaviour. We will enhance local community welfare by taking time to show we care, making a true difference to childrens lives, building self-confidence, belief and clarity about right & wrong.

Benefits to children and education service
This service is designed to create a positive experience for the children and community, impacting on their lives. Respect, Values and Behaviour are a key motivator.

  • Develops and builds Self Confidence.
  • Develops and builds Self Esteem.
  • Develops and builds Self Belief.
  • Develops and builds Self Worth.
  • Develops and builds Self Motivation.
  • Develops and builds Self Commitment.
  • Develops and builds Self Discipline.
  • Develops and builds Communication.

This is supported with a cost structure that represents exceptional value
for money. The cost per head range is 65p to £1 per pupil per week.

Investment Opportunity

Following a detailed review of service levels and expectations of Ofsted
and the education authority we are now ready to launch the expansion
programme of Drumskool.

We are looking for commercially minded business people that also have a
conscience and want to help make a real difference to children at the age
they are most impressionable

Minimum Gross profit margin of 60%, Net profit margin of 30%

Equity available 20%

Capital sort up to £200,000

Loan option up to £200,000

Company valuation £1million

Key Facts


Funds Sought

£50,000 to £150,000




Greater Manchester/


Expansion across GM
and UK

  • Excellent leadership team with proven track record of working with people
  • Very strong commercial back ground
  • 27,000 schools across the UK
  • 10,800 schools within immediate target criteria
  • Proven service with robust model
  • Potential franchise opportunity