Under Review

Pitch 1 Moonshine                           Ian Walker (£100,000)

A brand new innovative product created here in Nottingham, which can take the best beers, lagers or ciders out of the pub and bring that into the home with no mess or equipment. The next generation home brew product has arrived. http://www.kinibow.com/under-review/moonshine/


Pitch 2 Jeremy J Lewis Guitars             Jerry Lewis (£150,000)

The premise of this start up is to create a series of new production guitars using designs and technology that have never been done before. These new designs will be presented with levels of excellence, attention to detail and design flare to create the exquisite and the unique. http://www.kinibow.com/under-review/jeremylewis/


Pitch 3 RAFT                               Ben Bendien (£400,000)

Reproduces products by robotics to incredible detail, quickly and much more economically. Sustainable Manufacturing for People, Planet and Profit. http://www.kinibow.com/under-review/raft/


Pitch 4 PIPIP                              Dickon Walker (no funding requirement, rather investors on the platform)

The example underlying projects can be seen once you have registered on the site – http://pipip.co.uk/


Pitch 5 Social Impact Bond                 John Gilmartin (min £100,000 tranches, ideally pension based)

John is the MD of the Pension Solutions Group and has helped clients leverage pension funds. He has a particular platform, an Exempt Property Unit Trust (EPUT), which provides an excellent structure to hold property and shares. As it can also invest, lend and borrow it is very flexible. Banks love them as there is no tax involved providing better coverage and earlier payback. No Capital Gains and outside the estate from an IHT perspective.  

We have a specific investment into a Fund supported by a Charity which aims to provide housing to vulnerable adults. This will be joined by debt from a bank generating a fund value of circa £4m. This will help house 48 adults. The government provides the fund with income in the form of rents and operating support. This translates into a projected return of circa 11% pa. for investors. Investment can be from pension funds.

Outstanding returns, doing serious good, using your pension, you won’t get that from your high street IFA!