Paul Hopewell

When you’re looking for solid business growth answers, it’s best to get advice from people who have direct experience of successfully growing a business.

It makes common sense. And Paul Hopewell is someone whose experiences make him an ideal person to offer solutions-based advice on business growth.

In a successful career that has seen a number of highlights, Paul has experience of acquiring a family-run business, doubling its turnover and guiding it through its eventual sale.

As managing director of Synergy (PH), a member of The Health Insurance Group, he currently leads an experienced team of private medical insurance advisors who over the past 10 years have advised and supplied around £9m worth of cover to companies and individuals.

In yet another example of Paul’s passion and determination, it’s a great case study of how to start a business and grow it year on year, making the right decisions at the right time.

Paul has sought out tips and advice from the best business experts all over the world, and implemented processes and procedures that improve real-life day-to-day operations and overall efficiencies.

With lessons learned, tenacity, an eye on the endgame and sheer ability to get things done, Paul’s invaluable experiences can help a business to grow.