Efficient Technologies Plc Business Summary

A supplier of the world’s leading Electronically Commutated Motors and Fans to Original Equipment Manufacturers, Aftermarket and Retrofit markets. The company has secured exclusive rights to distribute to the UK and European markets. Class leading motors EXR and ECplus™.

The ECplus™ motor has been designed to allow a motor to deliver more power with lower input watts. This translates into cooler running operation, which results in fewer failures. Less efficient shaded pole motors are often used in original equipment to cut costs this will soon be illegal under the ERP 2015 directive. The energy savings return additional costs in less than 6 months.

On the back of the proven demand for this product a full portfolio of other products has been developed which include the following;

• Fans and Drives, Refrigeration Motors
• Controls, Interface Products
• Battery Packs
• PCB/ Flex PCB
• Cable Assemblies
• LED Lighting / PSUs

The profit margins on the The ECplus™ currently range from 5% to 45%. The mission is to supply 2% of the market, creating an entity with a t/o in excess of £40m.

Investment Opportunity

Stuart Mullarkey with Longbow’s support has formed Efficient Technologies plc. This is now trading and in the past 3 months orders with a value of £70K have been secured. £8M of new opportunity has been identified.
• Equity available 20%
• Capital sort £250,000
• Company valuation £1m

We are seeking partners who if possible have sector experience and who can help accelerate the growth and development of the company. Board positions are available for those investors who would like to be active and subscribe for more than 5%.


Key Facts

Funds sought





Nottingham / Mansfield



  • Strong, experienced management team with sector and generic experience.
  • Selling into a £2 Billion UK Market
  • Strong Exclusive contract supporting distribution rights for Europe>

EIS Eligible

25% +Available