Eco Rest

Both Chris and Daniel immediately saw the potential in Eco rest and felt it resonated with our core values. Here we have structured an investment at a very early stage to allow product development to continue and certification to take place.

Eco rest are a UK based company who are committed to supplying the very best Eco friendly products to the European coffin manufacturing industry. At present we have two products readily available – ‘Re-board’ and ‘By-board’.
Re-board is a patented, paper based product, which is engineered with a unique engineered fluted core. We believe Re-board is a perfect ‘fit’ for manufacturers requiring a lightweight, quality product which is bio-degradable and offering a completely printable surface.

By–board (for which we have exclusive UK distribution rights) is an agricultural waste byproduct. By-board is strong enough and workable enough to actually replace MDF and chipboard – Also, It doesn’t use trees! It is made from 97% straw and 3% MDI, a non-toxic resin that replaces the need to use formaldehyde.

We see Re-board and By-board as industry game-changers for forward-thinking manufacturers and we are looking to work with like-minded organisations who have a commitment to being eco-friendly.

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