Ask entrepreneurs for some tips on how to succeed, then perseverance is often the keyword.

It’s that word that has helped 25-year-old Louis-James Davis.

The former Young Entrepreneur of the Year attended the second Longbow Venture Capital event at the One Call Stadium in Mansfield.

Louis-James, from the Manchester area, is developing an emergency communications wristband that uses state-of-the-art tracking and GPS technology that helps keep people safe.

Wearers, who can be children, teenagers, vulnerable adults or the elderly, are presented with the opportunity to be in constant contact with those who look after them.

Ask Louis-James for his advice on getting an idea off the ground, and he says: “ “Take advice from others, listen to it but, more importantly, listen to yourself. Keep the idea going no matter what and try not to fail. Only ‘your’ best is good enough.”

It’s strong advice from Louis-James, and something echoed by one of our co-founders, Chris Lightbody.

Chris is a serial entrepreneur, investing in people and ideas. Chris says: “There are opportunities out there and it is a case of doing the homework and making sure that a product or service serves a need or fills a gap.

“If you have an idea for a product, research and ask advice, seek out professional support and make sure you can demonstrate what success will look like.”

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